Banana Milkshake

1 banana* + 100 ml plain soymilk + 6 oz pre-washed baby spinach + generous dollop of french vanilla syrup/to taste

For those of you new to smoothie fu, the spinach and milk go in first, sweetener and banana on top.  Blend to desired texture; makes one giant smoothie, something like a medium at Jamba Juice.

Now, normally I’d say you can substitute any pre-disolved sweetener that you like–my usual favorite is agave nectar–but I think this vanilla syrup was an accident of genius.  I made it the other day when I was scrounging about to find something to go on pancakes.  The recipe goes like this:

2 cups white sugar+1 cup water+a very generous dash of french vanilla flavoring, like vanilla extract, stolen from my roomate

Boil it in a pot.  But not for too long.

And that, my friends, is the secret to making something that tastes like this:


But is this:

Spinach green Grape Smoothie 2 - small

*You might want to freeze the banana; I made it this morning with everything but the spinach at room temperature, and I did not expect it to be good. . . and then it was delicious.  😀


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