Onion dip

This is going to be one of those really useless posts, where someone tells you to combine fourteen ingredients to taste.


I’ve been trying to clean out my fridge, because I’m moving back into the dorms next week, and I found myself with a BIG container of plain, full-fat Greek yogurt to use.  I got stuck with it because of an awkward moment at the grocery store, which I may or may not tell you about later.

Anywhoo, if you’ve never ingested this substance (I hadn’t), I recommend that you check it out now.  It’s frigging amazing; like ricotta cheese, but better.  It looks like this:

greek yogurt 086

Even after discovering I could basically eat the stuff straight, I realized I couldn’t eat all of it straight, so I decided to try and turn some of it into onion dip for the 2 ib pack of baby carrots that’s been kicking around the fridge.  Luckily, when I abandoned my kitchen and went back to college, I basically took my whole spice cabinet with me.


-About half a container of full fat, plain Greek Yogurt

-About a third of a medium sized yellow onion, both sweet and sharp in flavor, chopped fine

-Cumin, oregano, celery seeds, kosher salt, and white pepper to taste

Mix the ingredients together–in the original container, if there’s space–and dip something in there to enjoy the decadent onion-y deliciousness.

I bet this strategy also works with sour cream.

P.S. Check out this awesome tutorial on Greeking up your yogurt.  I may never do it in a dorm room, but that’s no excuse for ignorance. 🙂


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