What can you make that tastes amazing and has only four ingredients?  Can you consume it while doing homework or walking to class?  Does cleanup take less than five minutes?  What about in the sink of your dorm bathroom?  What if your kitchen consists of a mini-fridge, a great blender, and a microwave?

What if your epicurean side is facing the epic challenge of dining hall cuisine?

The obvious answer is to blog.

Now, a few items of housekeeping:

I have mixed feelings about intellectual property issues, but I definitely believe in attribution.  Almost all the images on this blog, I found online.  Clicking on the image should lead to the site where I found it.  In rare cases of technical difficulty, image attribution links will be in a footnote at the bottom of the post.  If the owner of a site has specifically requested their work not be used without permission, I wish to honor that requirement.  If you notice that I’ve anywhere failed to follow this policy, please let me know!

In line with anti-consumerism, I try not to link to stores unless I intend to advertise for them, or I am attributing material I used from their site.  If you see anything else I ought to be doing in the same vein–once more, I’d love to hear it.


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